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Everyone craves the profound peace that comes from knowing deep, true love. We all long for unconditional love, and yet it can be elusive. With the realities of daily life, many of us are left to wonder if it is even possible to live in a state of love for all that is. Respected Japanese healer and channel Keiko Anaguchi has explored the world in search of ways for us to access the healing power of loving energy. On her journeys, she discovered a variety of destinations that, if visited, will release your blocks to love and maximize your joy. These hidden portals will allow you to fall in love with exactly who you are, and to finally see the love that exists everywhere.

"Lemurian Love Portals" unlocks the secrets of real places where you can go and connect with the absolute peaks of Divine Love. Keiko shares what she has learned on her journeys, starting with her exploration of Mount Shasta, California for the past two decades.

Keiko opened the doorway to pass through energetic portals and found the ancient civilization of Lemuria. She discovered the truth of her past lives, which allowed her to understand why she is here on this planet during such a turbulent period. She is now holding the doorway open for you by showing you where the portals are. This is an opportunity to discover your own divinity by reconnecting with Lemuria.

If you are ready to experience unlimited love in your life, Keiko will guide you to memorable places where you can experience joy, ecstasy and divine bliss.

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